Vauxhall - Nissan - Renault F9Q 1.9 Litre

 This Diesel engine is manufactured by a combined effort of Vauxhall Nissan and Renault 

Fitted in the following vehicles


 1995 - 2002   Renault Megane

 1995 - 2002   Renault Espace

 1995 - 2010   Renault Master

 1997 - 2001   Renault Laguna

 1998 - 2004   Renault Carisma

 1998 - 2004   Mitsubishi Spacestar

 1998 - 2004   Volvo S40

 2001 - 2005   Renault Laguna

 2001 - 2012   Renault Clio

 2005 - Date   Suzuki Grand Vitara

 2001 - 2006   Vauxhall Vivaro

 2001 - 2006   Renault Trafic

 2001 - 2006   Nissan primaster

Common Injector Related Issues

Injector failure

Injector failure on this engine is normally down to wear and tear or miss / contaminated fueling as being solenoid injectors they are very reliable, this engine suffers from confusion over injector numbering and counts backwards no 1 being gearbox end.

Injector Seizure

Injector seizure is very common on this engine the worst offender usually being number 4 injector (timing belt end) which regularly takes over 10 tons of force, the others can take similar amounts but are usually easier to remove with exceptions. injectors can break up during removal leaving the end of the injector jammed in the head and requiring milling out.

Injector clamp bolts

The clamp bolts do not normally cause any problems on this engine but there is always the exception to this, where the bolt will come loose undo a few turns then tighten up and snap off.

Fuel Leaks

This engine is not known for fuel leaks being an injector related issue.

Turbo Pipe 

It is common for us to come across damaged turbo pipes when we are asked to remove / refit them as part of the injector work, it is usually caused by attempts at removal by those who do not understand how the retaining clip releases, whilst a temporary repair can be done the only cure is a new pipe (£170 at the time of writing this) We also come across many missing clips and bolts , dropped during stripping down the engine, We carry an extensive collection to combat this including the correct turbo pipe clip. Due to the cost we don't usually stock the turbo pipe itself.

Wiring issues

The wiring to the injector can be damaged at the plug or rubbing through due to a loose air filter housing we carry replacement plugs to repair the harness when required.

A  P Autodiagnostics Ltd 

We are fully equipt to remove and refit injectors to all the above vehicles and can also supply  reconditioned or new replacement injectors .Removal can require the 

stripping off of all plastics from the top of the engine plus the engine mounting at the timing belt end,we can also provide a full strip and rebuild service for this vehicle either onsite or at our base.