ASNU Petrol Injector Testing and Servicing

The use of more and more complicated modern fuel injectors in petrol driven cars with finer and finer tolerances, used to ensure high performance with good fuel economy and low emissions

also means the replacement costs can be astronomical, some petrol injectors can be into several hundreds of pounds each.

with our Asnu machine, its GDI injector testing box and also it's Piezo injector testing box we can accurately test, Service and offer repairs on these injectors at a fraction of the replacement cost.

At this time 11/2019 we are one of only fourteen companies in the UK with the GDI facility and the only company to offer  Petrol Piezo injector testing in the North east of England. 

One of only 30 in the whole UK

We stock all the necessary parts to have your injectors back to optimum running standards as quickly as possible.

The servicing of Petrol fuel injectors can cure running issues, smoking & fuel economy problems, knocking, pinking, misfiring from subtitle to major. The list goes on.

Testing is not expensive and starts from only £15 plus vat, servicing from £25 plus vat. per injector.

The results can sometimes be unbelievable.


These Injectors are flitted under the following brands and symbols / abbreviations

GDI Gasoline Direct Injection


Volkswagen (VW

FSI - Fuel stratified injection



IDE - Injection direct essence

Alfa Romeo


 JTS - Jet thrust stoichiometric



 SCI - Smart charge injection

 DISI - Direct injection spark ignition


Hpi - High precision injection

General Motors (Vauxhall)




CGI - Charged gasoline injection



DISI - Direct injection spark ignition

Holden  (GM / Vauxhall Australia)

SIDI - Spark ignition direct injection

Piezo Injectors

We are currently the only company in the North East of England to operate a Piezo injector tester.

Mercedes & Bmw


Piezo injectors on test with the ASNU Piezo test adapter box

The first image shows a New filter basket.

Unfortunately the use of some aftermarket Petrol additives or cleaning chemicals can cause damage to the injectors, the chemicals being so corrosive the can dissolve the filter baskets

located within the injectors themselves, most manufacturers warn against the use of additives in your fuel and many void warranty's as a result of their use.

This picture shows the build up of dirt caught by the injectors filter basket, After the main fuel filter, just imagine the damage that could be caused if a cleaning chemical 

had already damaged the basket allowing the dirt to get inside the injector instead of being caught by the filter basket.