Diesel Fuel Injector Testing Service

A P Autodiagnostics Ltd can now offer the latest in Diesel fuel injector testing, utilizing our new Delphi Diesel injector test bench manufactured by Hartridge the leading Diesel test machine manufacturer coupled with 

our Delphi Service center Status, we can test all the leading common rail injectors on site without having to send them away for days on end to find there's nothing wrong with them in the first place and the fault lies elsewhere.

Thus enabling a faster turn around for you or your customers vehicles, More accurate diagnosis and a better outcome all round.


These are the results of a leak off or fuel return test carried out on the injectors fitted in a Renault Master van. the first image shows the test cranking ,injectors unplugged and the second 

running on tick over. The fluid levels should ideally be similar in the tubes in both tests but as you can clearly see they were totally different pointing to badly worn injectors.