PSA Euro engine 1.6 HDI

This is a Diesel engine manufactured by the PSA Group France.

Fitted in the following vehicles

Peugeot 206, 207, 307, 308, 407, 508 1.6 HDI

Citroen C3, C4, C5, C4 Picasso, Berlingo, DS3, DS4 and Xsara Picasso 1.6HDI

Ford C-MAX / Grand C-MAX, Fiesta, Fusion,Focus & Focus C-MAX 1.6 TDCI

Suzuki SX4 1.6DDIS

Mini Cooper D 1.6

Mazda 2 , 3 MZ-CD 1,6

Volvo C30 D2, S40, S60, V50, V60, V70 1,6D

Common Injector related issues

Injector Failure

Injectors do not regularly fail on this engine and it is usually other faults that require their removal as due to design all injectors must be removed first to allow the camshaft cover to be removed allowing access to the engine internals.

Injector seizure

It is common for these injectors to seize into the cylinder head and also the tube/ liner (see below) requiring dramatic force to remove them.

Injector seal failure

This is a common issue on this engine and must be repaired as soon as it is found, damage to the injector seat caused by the gasses passing the seal can 

cut a deep groove writing off what could otherwise be a repairable cylinder head. This is most common on injector no 3 and and results in what is termed as black death, 

this is where the gas deposits a large amount of a thick black coal like substance around the injector. If left un-repaired this can destroy the cylinder head, wiring and pipework. leaving the customer with an excessively large bill or possibly writing off the vehicle.

  Black death buildup around the injectors     A cut in the cylinder                                                                                                                                                                                              head can be seen at the top of the hole

Injector Liner/Tube 

It is quite common for the injector liner / tube to pull out along with the injector when its removal is required. this is caused by either corrosion of black death seizing the tube to the injector, Whilst the injector can be reused the tube is normally not. This is repairable with aftermarket tools/parts  (it is currently not a Manufacturer approved repair) but has been carried out by us on behalf of several approved dealerships. The current approved repair for this problem is a new cylinder head.

  This picture shows an injector alongside a liner / tube

Internal Black Death

It is extremely important to change the engine oil preferably early but on time at worst with the correct grade and specification of oil, failure to do this can result in Black death building up within the engine causing terminal damage.

A  P Autodiagnostics Ltd 

We are fully equipt to remove and refit injectors to all the above vehicles and can also supply and fit replacement liner / tubes which we carry on stock.

Removal can require the stripping off of all plastics from the top of the engine and on some models the wipers and scuttle panel below the windscreen.