Induction System Carbon Cleaning Service

The all new Induction System carbon removal equipment.

We have been studying and testing this equipment for several months and have been dazzled by the results, we have seen cars that were almost un-drive-able back to good health and vehicles with serious over boost issues sorted in only a couple of hours.

Believe me we do not put stock (or money) into half baked ideas that don't work we have fully investigated this system and are extremely impressed by this piece of kit, so we have gone out and bought one.

We have even tested it on several vehicles and recorded dramatic improvements

This brand new system injects its fluids into the air intake and cleans away carbon deposits that can cause serious running issues on modern cars and vans, it is not a total clean out and does not leave it sparkling clean (like some claim) it removes the damaging carbon deposits that cause turbo vanes to stick giving over or under boost issues, and can also free off other induction system parts that are all jammed up.

Setting up the new Extreme Diesel Clean Carbon Removal System on an 07 Ford Fiesta with severe over boosting and general poor running

After running through the two stage carbon removal system and giving the car a good road test the difference was dramatic and almost unbelievable.

This was a demo unit and we only had limited fluids to use so now we have to wait until they release the kit to us......We just can't wait !!!!


This system dissolves the carbon build up that accumulates inside the induction system freeing off the likes of turbo vanes etc it's not a miracle cure all and won't

repair turbos with scoring or physical damage but where the fault is down to carbon build up it's nothing short of a miracle worker we were and are mighty impressed 

with such a simple but very effective little kit.

NOTE It does not work miracles an repair turbo's with internal damage and may if this is the issue only be a temporary fix.