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We can Calibrate these modern driver aids in line with the manufacturers specifications


We use the latest equipment from the top manufacturers in the market today


We are qualified to the highest standards as set by the Institute of the Motor Industry


Our equipment is of the highest quality and offers the best scope of vehicle coverage

Currently covering 42 vehicle manufacturers



We Calibrate & Repair the following systems


                   Collision warning                            Lane departure warning

Adaptive cruise control                  Park assist

                 Traffic sign recognition                   Blind spot detection

          Night vision systems                        360° cameras      

Did you know that any repair carried out on your vehicle that effects the ADAS system or its parts could disable or effectively blind your driver assistance systems. 

The only way to ensure your system is working properly is to have the system calibrated.

Suspension repairs, Colision damage, Windscreen replacement, changing wheels and tyre sizes all effect the ADAS calibration

Some cars that have been on the road for years with these systems fitted ae now due timing belts, you need to remove the bumper to do the belt and the ADAS needs recalibrating

BE WARNED Just because the light isn't on doesn't mean the system is working correctly

Yes....... your ADAS sytem can be faulty without iluminatng a warning lamp

It only takes the smallest of knocks for the ADAS system to be out of alignment, still fully functional but looking in the wrong place. so no warning light !!