Petrol Injector Removal (Seized)

We now have the facilities to remove seized Petrol Fuel injectors, Although these don't seize in to the standards of Diesel fuel Injectors they can still end up very tight

With the result that they end up with the tops being snapped off and the plastic body broken in two.


This Jaguar F Type had no 5 injector tightly seized into the cylinder head but by using our removal tools and techniques we were able to remove it without issue.


This white  F Type was shipped all the way from Northern Ireland so that we could remove the seized injector for our customer far cheaper than a cylinder head at around £11,000 at a dealers !!! ( yes a genuine quoted price)

Look at the last two photo to see examples of the corrosion that seizes them in. The actual injector from this one broke into many pieces during removal but persistence on our part won the day

We were asked who we have removed these injectors for the other day so here goes (respecting the data protection act of course) Multiple JLR dealerships, Multiple Independent Garages. And JLR Warranty.



Unfortunately the bigger they are the harder they fall !!!   This V10 Audi had two injectors seized in solid. which the garage had failed to extract. So they called us in and after a few hours we managed to successfully remove them both .


Another Jaguar F Type fuel injector to remove at a dealership


Another F Type fuel injector to remove on this one, unfortunately its very common.

This jaguar "F" Type injector photo is proof that you need to be very careful who you use to attempt the removal of your injectors. Whilst this hole looks ok if you look a little closer you quickly spot a light object to the left of the middle 

at the bottom of the injector tube careful examination shows this is actually a bolt screwed into the remains of the injector in an attempt to pull the injector out. At this point we can only assume what happened next as the bolt is clearly 

snapped but for some unknown reason was then extensively hammered, we can only assume in an attempt to shock the injector remains free, BUT there is always a but...... during this extensive hammering the cylinder head was smashed

effectively writing it off at a worst case scenario of £11,000 for a new head. And what makes this even worse was the person that did this advertises that he is a "seized injector removal specialist" !!!!.

Yet another "F" Type Jaguar to add to the list of vehicles we have

successfully removed the seized injectors from, this one was in a very

poor condition and requires all 6 injectors to be changed.