Spark Erosion

Have you snapped off a Drill bit / Easy out or Tap in part of a customers or your own vehicle.

We've all done it !, 

You're drilling out a broken bolt and you snap the drill bit off in the job, You try and you try but you just can't get it out. Its solid.

You manage to drill it no problem and you snap off a tap instead, you can't drill it out its too hard and the drill just skids on the surface.

You waste hour upon hour trying to remove the tap without success, you're stuck what do you do now ?

A P Autodiagnostics can now offer a Mobile service for the removal of Snapped or Broken off Drill Bits , Easy outs and Taps.

We can come out to you whether Business or Private premises and using our portable spark erosion equipment remove a snapped off Tap, Easy out or Drill bit from just about any metal object. 

Cylinder heads, Engine blocks, Gearboxes, Axles , Suspension etc ..... Even inside an injector !!  - down to as small as 1/4 inch or 7mm in diameter in most cases.

This service is specifically for the removal of anything steel inc snapped bolts and studs by cutting a new hex shaped hole up to 6 mm into the broken item

Due to the design / size of this tool there are certain working conditions that must be provided. 

our success is subject to the amount of access provided for us to get to the area of work with our equipment.

1) There must be at least 0.5 meters clear space above the work point of the item being worked on (send photos if unsure)

2) There must be at least 0.5 meters clear space on at least one of the sides of the point being worked upon (send photos if unsure)

3) 240 volt mains electrical power must be available (a generator can be provided for a surcharge, advance notice is required)

4) It must be possible to flood the area of the item being worked upon with water. either by building a bath around it or constantly running water over it.

5) It is the customers responsibility to ensure clear working areas ie: remove parts as required before our arrival.

6) Although not normally an issue the security of electrical items from shock or spiking ie:- ECU'S , Modules, Sensors etc is the customers responsibility.

This service is not limited to vehicles and can be applied to many other industries / machinery or pieces under construction ie:- patterns, castings, models, steam engines etc. in fact 

almost anything metallic



       You can see the end of the tap in this picture snapped inside this cylinder head. We spark eroded this away allowing us to repair the threads ready for the new bolt.

       In the following pictures you can see where we had to spark eroded a broken easy out ,remove the snapped off glow plug and finished off re-threading the hole ready for use.               





      In the middle of the first picture you can see a snapped Heater / Glow plug with a broken off easy out inside it,  The garage ( A very well known major nationwide company) had gotten it stuck whilst trying to remove the glow plug

      and after it had snapped they then snapped the easy-out during the further removal attempts , Finally giving up and telling the customer he needed a new cylinder head, forgetting to mention the sapped easy out in the process. After

      the customer found out by accident they admitted their error and the customer brought the van to us to sort out. We spark eroded the broken off easy out and then continued to remove the broken plug using our more normal processes

      the plug was  No 4 on a 2 litre Renault traffic M9R engine.  All done with the head on the engine and the engine in the van although the whole front did have to be stripped off to give us the space required to get our equipment in. We

      repaired the vehicle and made our customer very happy.  I don't think the company boss will have been as happy when he got our bill though!!



Spark eroding a snapped off easy out from the glow plug on this A class Mercedes for a local garage                                                        Spark eroding a hex hole into a snapped injector nozzle so that

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    it can be twisted loose as it's the tightest one we have ever seen !!