Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

A P Autodiagnostics ltd  Adds a new vehicle to it 's fleet.......A 100% fully electric E-NV200 NISSAN VAN

Ideal for our local work we can run around in silence, Road tax free and for pennies rather than paying a fortune for diesel......this is the future !!!


Retail Customers

Our Staff are qualified to service and repair all fully electric and hybrid vehicles available in the current market.

We hold qualifications up to and including the Level 4 standard as certified by the IMI (The Institute of the Motor Industry) (the Level 4 award in the Diagnosis, Testing and Repair of Hybrid/Electric Vehicles and Components is the highest level

attainable within the UK at this time, April 2017)

We can see this type of vehicle power system being the future as although they have a high initial purchase cost, at the same time the running costs can be very very low.

With either very low or Zero Road Tax rates, Exemption from the London congestion charge, Free parking in some areas, very low fuel costs and better reliability, Although your brakes etc will still need the normal servicing

from your basic runaround to hyper cars, It's very important to keep all of these vehicles serviced to a high standard to avoid any issues with both the electrical and mechanical parts

and remember you don't have to pay dealer prices for servicing and repair yet you will still receive a high level for both and importantly any warranty will still be valid due to European laws.

We keep our staff trained to a higher level than most to ensure you receive the best service possible, and we even run two hybrid cars and two hybrid bikes ourselves

Call us for more details......

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Find A Charging point near you

Charging points can now be found at most Motorway Service areas and in many Supermarket car parks, Shopping areas and town centers making the owning ,using or operating of these vehicles easier and easier

Check out the following link to find charging points in your area.


Charging cables and accessories can be found at


Trade Customers

We offer a Make it safe service to the trade, simply put we come out to you, make the vehicle safe to work on allowing you to service and repair in safety. Returning to re energize the systems one you are finished.