Injector Seat / Seal Repair

We have now developed the tooling to remove deep cuts from the sealing seat of injectors where the combustion gasses have cut a groove,

this involves lowering the seat further into the cylinder head and then making a bespoke seal to replace both the missing part of the head that

we have cut away and also replace the original copper sealing washer all in one.

You can see in the above image the groove left behind by the escaping gasses.

This cut makes it impossible to re-seal the injector effectively allowing gasses to escape on every stroke of the engine slowly but surely making it worse

the first signs of this are a loud chuffing noise from the engine, a smell of fuel in the passenger compartment, a build up of black carbon around the injector and 

sometimes a visible combustion gas spurt on each stroke.

Left un-repaired it is only a matter of time before this can kill the injector & the engine....

You can clearly see where the gasses damaged this injector. The injector tip can also overheat causing it to stick and misfire.

The only repair for this fault is usually a replacement cylinder head costing thousands of pounds in parts and labour

But we can now offer a far cheaper option 

This is a serious repair and is well outside what is classed as normal, but as you have very little other option you either change the Cylinder head / Engine or 

scrap the vehicle !!, that's it there are no other options.... until now !!

see our customers comment below copied from our facebook page

Paul Vincent Thompson just wanna say thank you to Tony for saving my Vivaro van, The injector seal had blown and cut a groove into the injector seat at least 5mm deep and this stopped the injector from sealing, 

i went around a few local garages, all told me the van needed a new cylinder head or even engine, I was very upset at the news as i just didn't have the funds. i spoke to Tony, he told me to get the van up to him as 

he had an idea how to solve the problem, Tony designed and manufactured a copper washer to fit the injector seat and solve the problem, I'm very grateful as i was going to scrap my van, now its back and running 

better than ever...Thank you Tony so much...

We now offer this service on a mobile basis so we come to you if you can't come to us....