DPF Doctor

We have now been appointed as The DPF Doctor for our area


Using the latest technology in DPF cleaning we can provide our customers with the benefits of our years of combined experience in the repair and service of diesel engines to ensure as  clean a running 

engine as ultimately possible meaning lower emissions, better performance, higher miles per gallon and lower risk of breakdown or engine damage.

If a warning light like this is lit on your dash You need our help!!


Modern engines are fitted with a Diesel Particulate filter to trap any particulates passing through your exhaust, the engine then burns off these particulates at a very high temperature thereby cleaning itself.

problems can arise which stop the engine from carrying out the cleaning process known as Regeneration.


This is the process where the engine Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF is cleaned, It normally happens without the drivers knowledge in the background whilst driving along.


This is where the cars attempts to regenerate the DPF and cannot do so.

There are normally Four reasons for failure to regenerate......

1) Vehicle stops or slows down stopping the regeneration process.
2) Mechanical failure
3) Electrical failure
4) Your driving style

We'll take them one by one.....

1) Vehicle stops or slows down stopping the regeneration process 
    This is not normally a problem when driving along and the car or van will regenerate at the next opportunity

2) Mechanical failure
    This is where a mechanical issue stops the regeneration from starting,  Anything from simple air leaks, turbo system leaks,failure to keep additive levels up, inoperative glow plugs etc can stop the engine from carrying out a                       regeneration process, only repair of the fault will allow regeneration to take place.

3) Electrical failure
     This is where an electrical fault stops the regeneration from starting, Failed sensors, Temperature readings and other information that the engine control unit or ECU needs to decide a regeneration is required is not available.

4) Your driving style
    Don't get us wrong WE ARE NOT CALLING YOU A BAD DRIVER, Many Diesel Cars & Vans fitted with DPF's were simply sold to the wrong people.

     A Diesel car or van fitted with a DPF needs to be driven at a constant and consistent motorway speed for 20 minutes or more to be able to carry out a Regeneration if at any time the vehicle is not driven to allow this to be done over         time the DPF will clog up and your vehicle will slow down and if not repaired may even stop running.

     So if you bought your car or van to run a few miles to the shop each week or go to work via urban roads with lots of stop start you were sold the wrong vehicle. You will need to regularly do motorway miles as above to ensure your       DPF regenerates and does not clog up.

So if you have number 2,3 or your DPF is excessively clogged due to 4 WE CAN HELP !! without fitting a new DPF at a cost of thousands of pounds on some vehicles.


Deleting or Removing a DPF from a vehicle and subsequently using that vehicle on the public highway is a criminal offence punishable by fines of thousands of pounds.

In addition new MOT rules in 2018 will make it harder to use a vehicle with a faulty or missing DPF, also any warning light related to emissions will be a fail.

CALL US to arrange a appointment for us to check out your problem on      07799108594 or 07718113158    email us at info@apautodiagnostics.com