Petrol Injector Testing and Servicing

The use of more and more complicated modern fuel injectors in petrol driven cars, used to ensure high performance with good fuel economy and low emissions

also means the repair costs can be astronomical, 

with our Asnu machine and its GDI injector testing box we can accurately test, Service and usually repair these injectors at a fraction of the the replacement cost.

At this time 08/2017 we are one of only fourteen companies in the UK with this facility.


These Injectors are flitted under the following brands and symbols / abbreviations

GDI Gasoline Direct Injection

Volkswagen (VW

FSI - Fuel stratified injection

IDE - Injection direct essence

Alfa Romeo
 JTS - Jet thrust stoichiometric

 SCI - Smart charge injection
 DISI - Direct injection spark ignition


Hpi - High precision injection

General Motors (Vauxhall)


CGI - Charged gasoline injection

DISI - Direct injection spark ignition

Holden  (GM / Vauxhall Australia)

SIDI - Spark ignition direct injection