Tuning & remapping

We are agents for Avon tuning and Dimsport


We can offer you the following services

Stage one remapping

Stage two remapping

DSG Gearbox remap / updates

Stop / Start delete

Speed limiter removal

Rev limit adjustment

Popcorn limiter

:Launch control

pops and bangs

Fault code delete *

swirl flap removal *

Lambda delete *

"AdBlue" Additive  Removal *

EGR removal *

DPF Removal *

Maf delete *

Customer stories

This customer came to us asking us to take a look at their Renault Master van which they bought from new but had always been disappointed with the performance, despite servicing and regular maintenance it just never seemed to have the go it needed especially when fully loaded or towing a trailer, it was very underpowered at 3.5 tons its maximum legal weight and if you towed a trailer at the same time it seemed to take an age to climb a hill in a very low gear or even hold an even towing speed on the motorway. Overtaking was always a have i got enough room decision and it always seemed safer to just play follow my leader.

It didn't take us long to decide that the van was in general good condition and that it was suitable for a power increase, We suggested a stage 1 remap and suggested around a 70 BHP improvement could be gained

Yes You read it rite from a mere 110BHP to a massive 180BHP with a simple remap !!, That's a whopping 63.7% power boost !!

The customer was absolutely gob smacked at the massive increase and after test driving the vehicle he was over the moon with the results in his own words 

"Its like driving it when it's empty when it's fully loaded and then some", "even the trailer didn't slow it down"

I would highly recommend this remap to anyone suffering a power shortage !!

All remaps are fully tested and are provided by Avon tuning and Dimsport who both hold a highly regarded reputation for their "tunes", Items marked with an asterix "*" 
May effect the vehicles emission control system as designed and make the vehicle's homologation invalid, this may mean that it cannot legally be driven on UK roads.

All tuning and ECU remapping is subject to the availability of the relevant file and the condition of the vehicle the file is intended for.