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 Below you will find an extensive array of tools that are owned, used and operated by AP Autodiagnostics Ltd in our work.

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Bosch ESI Software Subscription Master Package 12 months




 Bosch Diagnostics
& Easytronic Software

As one of the market leaders and suppliers to many vehicle manufactures Bosch are in the best position to supply Diagnostic tools and information software to Diagnostic Specialists like us, Utilizing their latest up to date easytrronic software along with a laptop based diagnostic system keeps us at the forefront of vehicle technology

Delphi Diesel's DS150
A Laptop based diagnostic unit using bluetooth technology to comunicate with the vehicle.
Using Delphi Diesel's own diagnostic software to read fault codes and live diagnostic data and with the ability to command multiple components to operate (without the need to work the individual switches) it also to allows for programing of new injectors etc. thereby making this high quality unit a necessary tool.
Delphi adapter lead set
This set allows the DS150 to be used on pre-OBD cars that do not have the standard diagnostic socket (diagnostic information on these older vehicles can be limited)
Delphi's False Actuator Kit
This kit enables the accurate testing, to full operating pressure, of the common rail fuel pump by using a false actuator to make the pump controller believe that full presure is required.
Used inconjunction with the DS100e and the common rail test kit, the whole of the mechanical side of the common rail system can be tested with confidence and accuracy.
Common Rail Test kit
Delphi's common rail test kit enables the testing of the entire fuel system, all components can be tested in-situ diagnosing the fault before any dismantling begins, saving the customer valuable time and money.
The Picoscope oscilloscope is the latest in pico technology, with the speed and performance to allow the operator to check for faults by displaying a computer generated signal trace onto the screen with high quality, accuracy and precision.
The scope is complete with all the necessary fittings and adaptors required for the testing of vehicle parts fitted to the modern vehicle.
Pico back this up with regular updates and software improvments to their tool.



The dealer diagnostic tool for : -




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 Check out Delphi Diesel's website

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 Pichler Diesel Injector Puller
          Peugeot / Citroen / Ford
           Volvo / Suzuki / Fiat Kit
The pichler Diesel injector puller is specialist kit for removing seized in common rail injectors in the confined spaces of modern engine bays.
This hydraulic powered kits provides the ultimate in pulling force up to a masive 20 tons.
Check out our injector removal page
Pichler Diesel Injector Puller
Further adding to the pichler hydraulic injector removal set for PSA vehicles, this further adapts the injector puller for use on PSA  2,0l/8V, DW10/RHZ & RHY
engined vehicles 
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 Pichler Diesel injector puller
 Renault kits
These are the renault adapters used in conjuction with the Mercedes kit to provide upto 10 tons of pulling force. 
Renault 2,2l and 2,5 dci
These additional adapters extend the coverage of the kit even further allowing for work on both
G9T and G9U engines
Pichler Diesel injector puller 
 Mercedes kit 
This is the mercedes kit that provides upto 10 tons of pulling force, but can be used on and fits many other vehicles with common rail injectors.
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Pichler Diesel Injector Puller
Multijet Kit
Once again further expanding the already extensive range of pichler injector extraction / puller sets
this kit now covers an extensive range of vehicles fitted with Bosch MULTIJET fuel injectors
see our injector pulling page for more indepth information
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PichlerDiesel Injector Puller Opel / Renault / Nissan    

 M9R / M9T

Further expanding our pichler injector extraction set and puller range again, we now have the Opel Renault & Nissan Kit for the removal of seized in Piezo common rail injectors.


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The dealer diagnostic tool for : -





IDS In / Out Codes

We now have the capability to generagte our own IN codes for use on both Ford and Mazda vehicle security systems, this means lower down time and lower costs for you as our equiptment is not tied up on your vehicle awaiting the arrival of a code 


The pico technology can test box is the latest in diagnostic aids designed to allow test connections via the diagnostic socket whilst the diagnostic tool is still connected acting as a pass through.




The dealer diagnostic tools for : -






ASNU Injector Test Bench
ASNU have long been involved in the business of petrol injection, collaborating with the likes of Bosch and many vehicle manufacturers, has given them the edge which like us they fully intend to keep.
This bench is capable of testing, cleaning and improving the quality and performance of petrol fuel injectors, making it an invaluable tool when fault finding. This is one issue that cannot be tested without removal of the component and use of the ASNU bench.
In addition to this the bench is required for the overhaul of faulty injectors, saving the customer money in the process.
Check out the ASNU website


Fronius Acctiva

Profesional Battery Support Unit

Modern Vehicles now require the use of a battery support unit during the process of "flashing"or Reprograming modules in the modern vehicle to allow the safest methods to be ensured AP Autodiagnostics have invested in the top of the market FRONIUS unit.

Check out Fronius


The Video Inspection Device by Snap On Tools alows us to view those hard to find little nooks and crannys hat exist in all modern vehicles making the examination much quiker and easyer helping to keep those all important costs down.
Check out BK5500




Smoke Pro
The redline Smoke Pro is relatively new to the UK, but is rapidly becoming a 'must have' piece of kit.
Being used for the detection of leaks in and around the vehicle from air intake system to exhaust and door seal leaks to fuel system leaks this is one robust
multi-purpose tool
Check out the Redline Smoke pro



We use some the best hand tools available as supplied by snap on tools uk to aid us in perform ing to the standards our discerning customer require

by using quality tools we can be sure to succeed where lower quality kit fails


Check out snap on




Carman Scan Wi 

The carman scan wi is another of our diagnostic tools offering a generic and vast coverage with emphasis on the Japanese, Korean markets

covering the following marques

Hyundi, Kia, Mazda, Daewoo, Mitsubishi, ssangyong, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Subaru, and many other lesser known Chinese and Japanese vehicles







The mitivac is a hand opperated vacuum / presure pump supplied with a multitude of fittings and adaptors it is used in diagnostics to test and to operate the likes of turbo waste gates and other similarly powered  items found on a vehicle so although a simple tool it can be another invauable item in the toolbox.

      Check out mityvac here

Specialist diagnostic software designed specifically for use with and dedicated to the BMW brand of vehicles including the BMW MINI
Check out Bavarian tech





MT Pro
The autologic Mt-Pro is one of the market leaders for multi-vehicle diagnostics, covering most of the vehicles available in the european market place.
Backed up with quaterly updates this tool can also cover OBD and EOBD diagnostic protocols, giving the opperator the option of several different diagnostic approaches in one tool.

 Check out the Autodiagnos website 










Snap-on Scangas

This portable five gas analyser is used for testing exhaust emmisions and being five gas is already set for the introduction of NOX  to the MOT test.

Complete with its own printer it can provide a print out of you exhaust gas results

Check out snap-on's scan gas



Diagnostic tools for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles, giving users both the confidence and the support to carry out any job on a VAG group  vehicle.



Diagnostic tools for BMW & BMW MINI  vehicles giving users both the confidence and the support to carry out any job on a Peugeot, Citroen or Renault vehicle.


Diagnostic tools for Landrover / Rangerover / Freelander / Evoke  vehicles giving users both the confidence and the support to carry out any job on a Peugeot, Citroen or Renault vehicle.

 Mercedes Benz
Diagnostic tools for Mercedes Benz vehicles giving users both the confidence and the support to carry out any job on a Peugeot, Citroen or Renault vehicle.





Diagnostic tools for Peugeot, Citroen and Renault  vehicles giving users both the confidence and the support to carry out any job on a Peugeot, Citroen or Renault vehicle.

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