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We can Calibrate these modern driver aids in line with the manufacturers specifications


We use the latest equipment from the top manufacturers in the market today


We are qualified to the highest standards as set by the Institute of the Motor Industry


Our equipment is of the highest quality and offers the best scope of vehicle coverage

Currently covering 42 vehicle manufacturers



We Calibrate & Repair the following systems


                   Collision warning                            Lane departure warning

Adaptive cruise control                  Park assist

                 Traffic sign recognition                   Blind spot detection

          Night vision systems                        360° cameras      

Did you know that any repair carried out on your vehicle that effects the ADAS system or its parts could disable or effectively blind your driver assistance systems. 

The only way to ensure your system is working properly is to have the system calibrated.

Suspension repairs, Colision damage, Windscreen replacement, changing wheels and tyre sizes all effect the ADAS calibration

Some cars that have been on the road for years with these systems fitted ae now due timing belts, you need to remove the bumper to do the belt and the ADAS needs recalibrating

BE WARNED Just because the light isn't on doesn't mean the system is working correctly

Yes....... your ADAS sytem can be faulty without iluminatng a warning lamp

It only takes the smallest of knocks for the ADAS system to be out of alignment, still fully functional but looking in the wrong place. so no warning light !!

A P Autodiagnostics Ltd

No Win No Fee Injector removal Service

If we don't succeed we don't charge it's that simple !!

**Once again we lead the way by being the first to offer a genuine guaranteed service on the M9R & F9Q engine.

as fitted to the Renault Traffic, Vauxhall Vivaro & Nissan Primastar.

Simpy put if we don't remove your injector we won't charge you a penny

We are so confident in our skills and equipment that this includes any travelling charges

there is only one condition and that's the injector must be unmolested / undamaged when we arrive,

although some damage is acceptable subject to inspection **

The cowboys continue to perform

Once again we come across work that just isn't good enough, It really saddens us that our trade's reputation and customer's opinion of the motor trade is dragged down by the amount of 
consistently poor work from downright cowboys, look closely at the pictures below of the injectors in the engine and you can see where these injectors have been fitted with a large part missing. 
they should have a loose collar fitted to help strengthen and support these injectors but as you can see they haven't been fitted. This is a common issue these days as people try to either save
 money (the injectors are cheaper without the collar) or are just making a fast buck !!. We have even seen injectors held in with silicone when the clamp bolt has been snapped anyone who
 carries out work on a vehicle should do the job properly and in our opinion should also be licence'd it just isn't acceptable to do work to this standard. Unfortunately this doesn't just apply to small back 
street garages most of which are very good as we have come across dealerships who produce very low standards of work (in our opinion of course). Find a good garage and stick with it..........
and don't be tempted by the lowest price , You get what you pay for !!


                                                    Collar missing                                                           With the collar                                                  Fitted without the collar

Customer supplied parts

There is growing concern in the Motortrade at the moment over the fitting of customer supplied parts, several garages who have fitted a part supplied by their customers have fallen foul of the law
when the parts have failed, sometimes causing further damage to the customers vehicle in the process, through no fault of their own or their standards of workmanship. the law has gone with the customer saying that the garage should know that the parts are good quality or should not fit them and that by fitting them they must warrant them, A Facebook page on the subject encouraging garages not to fit these parts is growing in support at a rapid pace as garage's across the country begin to realize the risks they are taking by fitting a part supplied to them by the customer (even genuine dealer parts)

Many customers are simply trying to save themselves a few pounds on the cost of a repair but don't realize either the risk's they are putting themselves, their families or their vehicles in and think the garage is simply making big profits on the parts as quoted. this isn't necessarily the case as even at "trade Prices" many garages only receive around 10% off the retail price and by the time you take into account the time and effort in sourcing the correct part and the cost of the call, the 10% difference usually means there is no profit on parts. some parts dealers even sell retail at trade prices so it actually costs the trade more than the retail purchaser !!

It appears that many Motortrade insurance companies are excluding secondhand or parts supplied from an unknown source from any form of cover under their insurance, by unknown source they mean any part not supplied from a certified parts supplier IE the customer, As there is no way to trace the part, it's origin, it's quality of either material or manufacture, the standards of any tolerances that are used during the production process, it's age, it's prior treatment, how and where it has been stored, or transported, the list goes on and on

The problem is that as a garage if you fit a part of unknown origin shall we call them, you deem that part fit for purpose (In your professional opinion whether you want to or not) and thereby have to warrant the fitting and your assessment of it's quality, regardless of the fact that you have no knowledge of its history etc.

This causes many garages to have a big problem as they do not want to upset the customer and loose the work but at the same time cannot afford to take the risks associated with the fitting of the part if it fails shortly after fitting or if it causes damage to the vehicle when it fails.

On top of all the above there is the added consequences of fitting safety related parts IE brake, steering, suspension or anything that can effect the safety of either the vehicle it's passengers or other road users, pedestrians, passers by, the vehicles and property etc

So this is looking like a large can of worms that is now open as with everything these days and the sue you society we seem to be living in there is always someone out there looking to profit from other peoples misfortune. there are many issues with parts of unknown origin some of which are listed below....

Second hand or used parts
  1. Where is the part from - is it from a car that is no longer fit for the road ie rusted away but otherwise mechanically sound, or is it from a crash damaged car, What caused the accident ?
  2. Is it from a "scrap yard" or a proper certified breakers yard - one piles cars outside exposed to the weather whilst the other strips the cars for parts in a professional manner & stores them in the dry, there are so many different variants in between these two as well.
  3. How long has the part been stood about - many parts have seals etc inside which degrade with age or dry out with lack of use
  4. Has the part been drained before being stood - many chemicals inc fuels dry out or evaporate leaving traces behind which can cause all kinds of problems
  5. Is the part supplied with all the holes blanked off to keep dirt out or is it just left with holes open allowing dirt in.
  6. Is the part the exact match - or is it something joe blogs said will fit - parts on the same car can differ greatly from batch to batch based upon where the manufacturers source their parts from, even on the same model and year etc.

New but unknown origin parts

  1. Where is the part from - some countries are know to copy stuff to a very low standard with inferior materials and no quality standards to follow, yet the part may look good.
  2. We have heard of parts coming out of the back door of factories after having failed testing at the factory and then being sold as new and genuine on internet sites.
  3. We have recently seen proof of "genuine engine oil" being bought on one of these site with the drums turning up full of water instead of the oil stated on the packaging !!
  4. How has it been stored or transported - it may have been in the hold of a damp ship for weeks on end coming from across the other-side of the world.
  5. What is the part made from - is it steel like the old part for example - But there are so many different quality levels of steel that differ in strength or flexibility greatly.
  6. Was it very cheap to buy - This usually means only one thing you buy cheap you get cheap, and it usually won't last long.
  7. How is it packaged - cheap boxes usually signify a cheap low grade part.

As you can see from the above there are more questions to be asked and answered base upon these questions alone and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

So will you be fitting or asking your garage to fit supplied parts or parts of unknown origin  this week ? just to save a few pounds....

Don't forget you're life or that of a child may depend upon it working properly !!

Incomplete Injectors

We continue to see Incomplete Injectors being sold, Many Diy and trade customer have these injectors supplied by local Motor factors, minus a support collar, We usually find out about this when 
they call asking us where they can get the missing parts after we have been and removed the Injectors for them, the idea is that a sale is made based upon price which as the injector is incomplete 
they are normally cheaper than the complete ones we sell. Unfortunately the missing parts are not easy to find and it ends up costing more in wasted time and lost vehicle use than the few pounds 
extra it would have cost to purchase genuine dealer and fully complete injectors from us in the first place.

Come and see us & meet us at Autoinform 2017 

Once again we will be presenting a talk on seized common rail fuel injectors at the upcoming Autoinform event being held at the 
GTG Edinburgh from March 18th to 19th, Only this time we have to do it eight times !! over the weekend.

Image may contain: 1 person

The Cowboys continue to perform to their usual standards

This week saw us working on a Vauxhall Movano with the G9U engine. We were called out to have a look at this engine as it was running very
 rough and was also chuffing, The customer had already had a company out who had fitted two "new" Injectors only two weeks earlier,  but this company 
was now not answering it's telephone.......despite repeated calls solidly for several days, starting when the van failed only two days after the work was done.

Upon arrival the vehicle was now a non runner and we intermediately found a loose clamp bolt and a badly connected fuel return pipe,

We found the 6mm threaded hole for the loose clamp bolt to be full of dirt and the top two threads torn out, It would appear that the bolt was fitted into the 
hole using only these two top threads as it would screw in no further due to the dirt in the hole. we removed the injector, inspected and cleaned out all the 
bolt holes thoroughly fitted a set of new bolts as the old ones were badly corroded and reassembled the vehicle correctly refitting the fuel return
as we went. Luckily the van now started  and ran OK as the injector seemed to be undamaged.

Once again this customer ended up paying for the work twice costing her way more than it should have done, She admitted to us that We had originally
 given her a quote for the work but that she was put off by the travel charge (North Yorkshire to London) and chose a slightly cheaper and much closer company 
to do the job but now wished she had accepted our quote in the first place and saved herself all the grief and extra cost in the long run.

I saw a tee shirt at a trade show some time ago, it said........

"If you think our prices are expensive try using a cowboy !!

and then think again"

Cheaper quotes don't always work out cheaper in the long run.

 The Cowboys continue to be at it - Again!!

It would seem that the cowboys at still at it out there......

Today we have changed an injector on a Vauxhall Vivaro M9R Engine. This was a simple misfire needing a new injector, As we all know
 they don't often come out easily, This came out with minimal force only it left the collar behind. Once removed it was clear to see that 
no retaining circlip had been fitted, the shoulder of the collar had been broken off and the injector was secured with silicone sealant.

How do they get away with these levels of work, these are simply Bodges and they cost the customer heavily, the injector failed on this van 
early as the tip wasn't located correctly and ended up burnt causing the needle to dry out and stick creating the misfire.

Some times the levels they go to are simply unbelievable.........

Beware the van buyer

Another company to be warned against operates in the North West and turns up in a recovery truck, makes a poor attempt at removing 
the injector and then tells the customer the removal isn't possible and offers to buy the van cheap "as he's got an old engine at home he 
could fit", once purchased takes the van away and removes the injector making a killing on the resale for minimal cost and effort.
Leaving the customer out of pocket with no van and very hacked off

Be Warned !!!

 Missing in action - Again !!!

Once again we are hearing about cowboy companies who not only fail to turn up but when they do they end up making a right mess !!

Attempt one

One poor customer we heard from called out his first company to remove an injector from an M9R engined Vivaro van after several
 failed attempts at turning up they finally appeared, They then proceeded to destroy the top of the injector and then disappeared. 

Attempt two
Customer then calls out another company who agree to work on a no success no pay basis, after several hours they fail to succeed and 
give up after talking to the customer who refuses to pay (no success no pay remember) they pack up and leave, some time later the 
customer can't find a very expensive battery gun. After an extensive search customer thinks guy maybe mistakenly picked it up with his 
tools before leaving. he calls the guy up who blatantly states "you wouldn't pay the bill so i took it in lieu" not only is this in contravention 
of his no success no pay offer it it down right theft.... (the police are now involved).

So once again we can only state be very careful who you use to work on your vehicle - some companies either can't do the job, don't turn up, 
mess you around or just steal from you !!!

A P Autodiagnostics Ltd removes it's 50,000th injector !!

As of Friday the 1st of April (no it's not an April fool) we have removed 50,000 seized or snapped injectors for our very happy customer base, It's a very proud moment for 
us to reach this landmark number of injectors removed. We will continue to provide a quality service all over Europe and the UK , 
leading where others can only follow and aim to reach the next big number soon.

A P Autodiagnostics Ltd

Are proud to announce our 

No Win No Fee Injector removal Service

**Once again we lead the way by being the first to offer a genuine guaranteed service on the M9R engine.

as fitted to the Renault Traffic, Vauxhall Vivaro & Nissan Primastar.

Simpy put if we don't remove your injector we won't charge you a penny

We are so confident in our skills and equipment that this includes any travelling charges

there is only one condition and that's the injector must be unmolested / undamaged when we arrive,

although some damage is acceptable subject to inspection **


With over 200 Dealerships, 8 Finance companies, several vehicle manufacturers and loads of other well known companies on our books,
Along with thousands of happy Independent Trade and non Trade customers what more of a recommendation do you need.

call us for a quote today

Once again we are being copied

Once again the cowboy companies are so lazy they are copying our website !!

A London based company is using large swathes of our text to try to entice you into using them to repair your vehicle, All we can do is repeat our most common statement
If they cant even be bothered to write there own text to advertise their company (i'll let you finish it off)

Missing in action

Over the past few weeks we have given out several quotes for work in the London and surrounding area, all with comments in
common..... "I booked a guy to come out to remove my injectors but he didn't turn up" and some with the accompanying line "He
 was supposed to come last Friday, then yesterday then today but he still didn't come" can we book you instead ?
Quite simply yes you can, but we WILL actually turn up !!
We always make a point of not overloading our diary so if for some reason we get delayed we can still do the job on the day we 
promised, and regularly do jobs days early when we get a few days when nothing slows us down.

Missing parts 2

For the first time ever we have come across a company who have fitted injectors into a Vivaro engine with the collars missing 
off the injectors (see below). Having been called out to replace a third injector on this vehicle we couldn't help but notice the large
 gap around two other injectors, these injectors having been replaced by someone in the "London area" according to the customer. 
This brings home the statement we regularly make "Please be very very careful who you choose to repair your vehicle" these 
cowboys shouldn't be allowed to operate a kids toy never mind repair a complicated vehicle. This could have resulted in destroying 
lots of very expensive parts if not the engine.

Missing parts

We are finding that more and more price conscious customers who supply there own injectors are regularly purchasing said 
injectors with parts missing !! In an attempt to lower the cost many companies are now supplying injectors with important parts of the
 injector missing, this means that additional costs are hidden making their prices look far better. So beware !! Ensure the injectors you 
buy are complete and assembled. some parts are unavailable in the aftermarket and you are expected (but not told that you will have)
 to use the old corroded parts from the injector you've just had removed to assemble the injector fully before fitting. Furthermore by 
using these old parts you are running the risk of failure which can in the worst cases cost you for another injector a fuel pipe and even 
more time off the road when the injector blows out.

Another reason to use only good quality parts !!!

Runaway Cowboys 

We are getting reports and are having to repair or re-work jobs carried out by a so called engineering company operating in the "mid" north west of England 
(We would love to be able to name them but can't for legal reasons)
To date we have done over a dozen jobs sorting out this company's errors and poor workmanship, the latest story being given to us by a customer of their's involves 
them severely damaging a cylinder head and running away without even speaking to the customer, we were told "They just disappeared, 
we didn't even know they had left" and now they don't answer the phone.

Once again please be very careful who you choose to repair your vehicle it could end up costing you a large amount of money, or even a new engine !!!
Luckily for this customer we managed to repair it with the minimum of extra cost !

BBC Watchdog

The BBC highlights the seized injector issue

The BBC has recently highlighted the seized injector issue on the Vauxhall Vivaro, Nissan Primastar and Renault Traffic vans fitted with the 
2 litre M9R engine on their Watchdog program,  as a result of this report many more people have been made aware of the seized injector issue 
afflicting many modern vehicles. Vauxhall, Nissan and Renault are not alone in this, as this issue affects all modern diesel engines manufactured 
these days to varying extents. All vehicles are manufactured to a price which is driven by the customer who buys the vehicle, everybody wants a bargain 
and no one wants to pay over the top. as a consequence of this price driven market there has to be a compromise at some point.

These compromises don't just apply to vehicles !!! but at least we can help by removing these injectors when they fail regardless of the extent of the seizure, 
just as we did for Gary with the Primastar as seen in the report on the Watchdog show on their 21st Nov program 
(We were the specialist mechanics mentioned).
And also removing the injectors on another van seen on the show for a Vauxhall dealership.

See the Watchdog video in our injector removal video library for details....

you can also see the water leak in action as well (last video)

See us at the Autoinform conference 2014

On the 29th & 30 November We are presenting and demonstrating on a  stand alongside Frank & David Massey of ADS at this years 
conference see us there !!

We are hearing about a flood of grey import M9R injectors coming into the UK

These injectors come very well boxed and look identical to the genuine item, But be warned if its cheap its cheap for a reason
they are very poorly re-manufactured in a low quality manner using low quality parts and can be very unreliable.

We are also seeing injectors being sold with important parts missing for a lower price to temp you into buying

and we are also coming across so called re-manufactured units selling at a higher price than we supply the genuine item for,
We only use genuine parts direct from the manufacturer to avoid all these problems.

So be warned not only do you need to be careful about who you use but also about what parts you buy. Don't be caught out !!

Find us in the February 2014 issue of Car Mechanics Magazine
A five page article on seized injector removal which we initiated and assisted in the production of supplying our photos and writing most of the text.

Today (04/10/13) saw us successfully remove our 20,000 Injector !!!!!
for another of our very happy customers
                                                                                                                                                                                           Snapped F9Q Injectors
We have now extended our milling service to cover the F9Q 1.9 litre Traffic-Vivaro-Primastar engine
Snapped M9R Injector Clamp Bolts
We are now able to repair snapped injector clamp bolts as fitted in the  Vauxhall Vivaro
Renault Trafic and Nissan Primastar with M9R engine (in Situ)
Broken Injector Removal - New milling / Drilling process
We have now devised a process to allow us to Mill / Drill the broken injector remains out of the cylinder head on the M9R engine
(as fitted to the VAUXHALL VIVARO, NISSAN PRIMASTAR AND RENAULT TRAFIC VANS) thereby raising our unrivaled success
rate from an impressive 98% to an improved, Even higher and still unrivalled 99.999% (NO ONE can truthfully say they are 100% successful)
This process is aimed squarely at the high number of jobs we are now getting where our inferior rivals and imitators have tried and failed to
remove these injectors, Breaking them off and walking away with the job incomplete, half the injector still inside the cylinder head
and leaving you the customer stuck with a damaged vehicle, paying a large bill and very very unhappy !!!
This process is carried out with the cylinder head still on the engine and the engine still in the vehicle
there is no more dismantling needed than a standard injector removal requires.