Our Terms and conditions of payment & Works


We record all our telephone calls for safety and security purposes in addition to training and dispute resolution.

We record all areas of our premises on CCTV 24 /7 for safety and security purposes in addition to training and dispute resolution.

We will disconnect your Dash camera during Diagnostics work  or any work using a Diagnostic computer as it can interfere with the process and may damage your cars electronics if we don't., You will need to ensure it is plugged back in when you collect your vehicle. It is also a requirement for our premises security.

Our term and conditions of work. 

1) General Terms and Definitions
    1.1 These Terms (the "Terms) are the only terms on which we A P Autodiagnostics Ltd ("the company") contracts with the customer as named on either our invoice or disclaimer,
           and they shall govern the contract to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions. 
    1.2 "Goods" means all goods or other things to be sold by the company to the customer weather or not supplied in conjunction with work.
    1.3 "Work" means any work to be done by the Company whether by way of repairs, servicing,fitting or otherwise.
    1.4 The Customer will be deemed to have accepted these terms if he or she or however they deem themselves to be known, ( Will be termed HE for this contract) or their insurance company give instructions or place orders
           by any means for work to be done or parts to be supplied.
    1.5 Any typographical , clerical or other error or omission in any estimate, order acceptance, invoice or other document issued by the Company shall be subject to correction without liability on the part of 
           the Company.

2) Estimates and Prices
    2.1 An estimate is a considered approximation of the likely cost involved and is valid for 14 days from it's dispatch by the Company to the customer. If the Customer or his agent deposits a vehicle with 
         the Company for any estimate, a storage charge based on the Company's current rates will be made to the Customer from the 15th day after dispatch of the estimate by the Company unless it is accepted 
         by the Customer within 14 days of such dispatch or the vehicle is removed by the Customer from the premises within that period.
    2.2 Prices of goods are those current at the time of the estimate and the Company reserves the right to increase such prices if the price to the company is increased between preparing the estimate and 
         obtaining the Goods.
    2.3 unless otherwise agreed in writing if it appears during progress of any work that the estimate will be exceeded by a significant amount the Company will not continue the work without further express
         permission (either Oral or Written)from the Customer.
    2.4 All prices are exclusive of any applicable VAT (Value added tax)

3) Uncompleted works
    3.1 If for any reason work requested by the Customer is not  carried out either in part in full or at all (ie cancelled or stopped by the customer or for reasons outside the Company's control) the Company will
         charge a reasonable amount for any work actually done or any Company time used and the current price of an Goods supplied or fitted, including the full travel cost plus labour time used whether this be 
        actually working or time kept waiting by the customer

4) Variations
    4.1 Any variation agreed between the Company and Customer in work to be done or Goods to be supplied shall be deemed to be an amendment to this contract and shall not constitute a new contract
    4.2 No order which has been accepted by the Company may be cancelled by the customer, except with the agreement of the Company and on the terms that the customer indemnifies the Company in full against loss 
        (including loss of profits), costs, damages charges and expenses incurred  by the Company as a result of cancellation.

5) Time
    5.1 The company will use it's best efforts to do the work or supply goods within any time period notified to the Customer but time shall not be of the essence and the Company shall not be liable for delays.

6) Completion of work and payment.

    Unfortunately due to some very untrustworthy / Unscrupulous customers we are having to enforce certain term and conditions for the payment of our work.

    We charge for our very valuable time at a premium rate for a premium service so please remember this and .........



    6.1 All Goods shall be paid for upon delivery or in accordance with any credit terms agreed in advance. 
    6.2 Payment for work is always due upon completion of our work or when work is stopped or cancelled and BEFORE us leaving site.
         Unless, We give a period of grace for you to pay within, to be given at our discretion only (must be written on the invoice by our staff or see point 
    6.3 Work shall be deemed complete when the Customer is so advised by the Company. The customer will pay the Company for all work done and Goods supplied as well as any storage charges before any vehicle may be removed
         from the company's premises or released from the Company's control.
          payment in person with the pin number (any telephone deposits paid are non refundable and you waive your rights to any form of refund by making said deposit payment as this covers our time, lost income and inconvenience as
          well as profit if you decide to cancel) An administration fee may apply at our discretion to all card payments. <5% for retail customers & <10% for trade customers.
    6.5 If you keep our staff waiting for an unreasonable amount of time to be paid, We reserve the right to charge waiting time at £50 per half hour or part thereof. We deem in excess of 30 minutes to be unreasonable. In this instance, 
          A second invoice will be raised and any time taken in raising this invoice will also be charged for.  

     We take a very Dim view and always operate a Zero tolerance policy toward Non or Late Payment.

    6.5 If a vehicle is not collected within 7 days of the Customer being advised that the work is complete the Company will charge for storage of the vehicle at it's rates. The Company may sell the vehicle if the Customer fails to pay 
         any monies due to the company and collect the vehicle within 3 months of being notified that the work has been completed and of the company's intention to proceed to sell it. Upon any such sale the Company shall pay the 
         balance of the proceeds of the sale to the Customer after deducting all monies duet o the company(whether arising from the latest of an earlier bailment) and all costs of the sale.
    6.7 Either Interest at the rate of 3% over the current Barclays bank base rate from time to time (both before and after judgement) will be charged from the due date until full and final payment.
    6.8 If you pay late we reserve the right to charge a late payment fee of £10 per day until full and final complete and total cleared settlement is received from the date of invoice onward. At our discretion.

    6.9  If you decide to pay the invoiced amount but not the late payment charges we term this as a part payment and the £10 per day will continue to accrue until the outstanding balance is paid in full. (see point 6.7, 6.8)

    6.10 Any refusal to pay will be met with County Court action at a time and date of our choosing and a day in Court at a time of the Courts choosing regardless of your company's size or personal circumstance.
            (you cannot shop at Tesco without paying for your shopping before leaving the store.)

    6.11 We will use any of the following to recover the debt, County and High Courts and their bailiffs, Private bailiffs and debt collection agency's wherever and whenever necessary.

    6.12 We will charge £50 per person per hour for attending court and or preparing court paperwork + travel costs and any other relevant fees where allowed by the courts, all of which will be added to your final bill.

       If you are one of our nice customers who pays without issue then there is nothing to worry about and the above will not apply to you and Thank you for your prompt payment.

7) Retention of title and risk
    7.1 Goods supplied by the Company shall be at the Customer's risk immediately on delivery to the Customer or into custody on the Customers Behalf and the Customer should therefore be insured.
    7.2 Property in the Goods supplied hereunder will pass to the Customer when those Goods and all other Goods the subject of any other contract between the Company and the Customer which at the time of payment of the full
          price of the Goods sold have been delivered to the customer but not paid for in full , have been paid for in full.
    7.3 Until full payment has been received by the Company the Customer shall hold the Goods hereunder in a fiduciary capacity for the Company in a manner which enables them to be identified as the Goods of the Company and 
          the Customer shall immediately return those Goods to the Company should it so request. All the normal incidents associated with a fiduciary relationship shall apply.
    7.4 The customers right to possession of the Goods supplied hereunder shall cease if, Not being a Company , He Does anything or fails to do which would entitle any person to present a petition for bankruptcy or being a Company 
        . it does anything of fails to do anything which would entitle an administrator or administrator active receiver to take possession of any assets or would entitle any person to present a petition for winding up.
    7.5 the customer grants the Company an irrevocable licence to enter at any time any vehicle or premises owned or occupied by the customer or in its possession for the purpose of repossessing and removing any Goods supplied , 
          the property in which has remained in the Company.
    7.6 Notwithstanding 7.3, the Customer shall be permitted to sell the goods supplied hereunder to third parties in the normal course of business, in this respect the Customer shall act in the capacity of a commission agent and the 
          proceeds of any such sale shall be held in trust for the Company in a manner which enables the proceeds to be identified as such , the Company as principal shall remunerate the Customer as commission agent by a 
          commission being the surplus which the commission agent can obtain in excess of the contract price of the Goods.
    7.7 if any provision of this clause 7 or any part thereof is held by any Court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable in whole or part this clause 7 shall continue to be valid as to the other provisions thereof and the 
          remainder of the affected provisions.

8) Delivery
   8.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing delivery of Goods shall be ex the Company's premises.

9) Loss, Damage and Liability
    9.1 The Company is only responsible for loss of or damage to any vehicle or its accessories or contents caused by the negligence of the Company or its employees . except in respect of death or personal injury. the liability of the 
          Company to the Customer for any direct loss , damage , costs or expense shall be limited to £1,000,000 in respect of any one event or series of connect events. The Customer is strongly advised to remove any items of value 
          not related to the vehicle and in respect of any loss or damage not the responsibility of the Company must rely upon his own insurance.
    9.2 Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Company's negligence the Company shall not be liable to the Customer by reason of any representation or any implied warranty, condition or other term or any duty at
          common law or under these terms for any consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profits or otherwise) costs or expenses whatsoever (and whether caused by negligence of the Company , it's employees, agents or 
          otherwise) arising out of or in connection with the supply of the Goods or the provision of the Works, or their use or re-sale by the customer, except as expressly stated in these Terms.
    9.3 The Company shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of contract by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of it's obligation, if the delay or failure is due to any cause beyond the
         Company's reasonable control.

10) Replaced Parts 
 10.1 all parts replaced during any work done, except those to be returned under warranty or service exchange arrangements will be retained by the Company until the vehicle is collected , if the Customer does not specifically ask
         to have such replaced parts when collecting the vehicle then they will become the property of the Company to dispose of as it deems fit.

11) Returned Goods
  11.1 Goods will be accepted back for credit provided that the customer returns the Goods (in the same condition as when supplied) within 5 working days of delivery, the origional invoice produced , the Customer pays the Company's
         current handling charges for returned Goods and the Goods were not specifically ordered by the Customer.
  11.2 Save as above Goods will not be accepted back by the Company.

12) Sub Contracting
  12.1 The Company shall be entitled to carry out it's obligations under this contract by sub-contracting but shall be responsible for the quality of their work

13) Heath and Safety
  13.1 the instructions used, cautionary notice and other technical notices and information as supplied to the Customer with the Goods must be observed.

14) Warranty 
  14.1 In respect of any parts fitted or other Goods , the Company assigns to the Customer the benefits of the applicable manufacturers warranty. The Company warrants its work free of defects in workmanship for a period of 3 months
          or 3000 miles whichever occurs sooner , from the date of completion of the work.
  14.2 No warranty will apply if and to the extent that a defect is caused or worsened by one or more of the following, namely (a)  a failure to inform the Company of the defect or to have it examined by the Company and a failure to give 
          the Company the opportunity to remedy it. (b) if the Goods have been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident or used in a vehicle for racing, rallying or similar spots, (c) the installation of a part into Goods , the use of which 
          has not been approved or the alteration of Goods in a manner not approved, (d) non-adherence to instructions concerning the treatment , maintenance and care of the Goods or failure to have the relevant vehicle serviced in 
          accordance with recommendations or, (e) the repair or maintenance of the Goods by a person other than a Dealer or a person authorized by the Company. 
  14.3 The warranties in 14.1 above are in addition to any other remedies the Customer may have under the contract.
15) Notices and General
  15.1 All written notices given by the Company to the customer shall take effect 24 hors after being dispatched in the normal course of post to the customers address shown on the invoice or imediately upon delivery by hand.
  15.2 No waiver by the Company or any breach shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.
  15.3 This contract shall be governed by the laws of England.

        In addition to the above it is necessary for us to inform you of the following terms which you must accept before work can commence

A P Autodiagnostics Ltd


Seized Injector or Glow plug Removal Information,

Further Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions of works


A P Autodiagnostics Ltd staff have removed 100's of thousands of injectors, Glow plugs and clamp bolts and our success rate is unequalled by any other company but...

1) We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage either historic, current or in the future caused by failure to adequately seal the engine or fuel system from any item or liquid where the vehicle or engine is stored or transported in an unsealed condition, We will block any visible holes etc before we start work or ASAP after we create them by removing parts etc to avoid any contamination from our work, but as this work is carried out in an environment beyond our control we cannot be held responsible for any of the above.

2) As our work is outside what is classed as a normal accepted repair procedures and due to the extremely high loads and forces involved in seized injector or Glow plug removal, and limitations in access etc. There are unavoidable risks of damage to the injector body, cylinder head cam cover / carrier or rocker cover, manifolds or engine covers and associated bolts and fasteners or other points the puller may push against (this includes any tool of equipment failures). In Addition where we are required to mill out a broken or damaged injector, Glow plug or snapped clamp bolt, The risks of damage are increased, Air pockets in the casting, corrosion between the injector body, Glow plug / clamp bolt and the cylinder head and contaminants along with the hardened parts of the injector, Glow plug/clamp bolt can throw the Dills / Milling bits off line (Drills and Mills always want to be in the softer material and constantly strive to achieve this). Furthermore corrosion can thin the walls between the injector, Glow plug & clamp bolt and the cooling system waterways inside the cylinder head again increasing the risks (this corrosion is not visible before removing the injector, Glow plug / bolt as it is inside the cylinder head and is not visible and is effectively what seizes the injector or bolt in). Although our Milling or Drilling bits are as rigid as possible and are guided we will always do our best to avoid any issues but the risk of damage is still present throughout the work. Therefore it is necessary for "The Customer" or His/Her "Authorized Representative" to accept this risk of any and all loss or damage before work commences.

3) It is quite common for seized in injector clamp bolts and cover bolts to snap during attempts at removal again this is unavoidable and it is also necessary for "The Customer" to accept these further risks and any consequences or additional costs involved.

4) When removing seized solenoid injectors it is necessary to fully dismantle the top half of the injector  to allow pullers to be fitted, this process can and does involve removal of many small internal and external parts of the injector , many of which are minute in size (less than 2 mm's) and can be held under spring tension which cannot be released under control when the injector is still in the engine. A P Autodiagnostics Ltd staff will endeavor to the best of their ability remove these parts but cannot accept responsibility for any loss of the part or damage however so caused as a consequence of this dismantling or loss of a part. in addition it may be necessary on some injectors to drill down the centre to cut threads or extend threads thereby writing off the injector body, again this is required and is a consequence of the removal process and is to be carried out at the customers cost.

5) Piezo injectors may require the plastic connectors and pipe connections to be broken off to allow a secondary puller to be fitted. this effectively destroys the injector making it unusable, and is a point of no return. other injectors may require similar operations to allow sufficient hold upon the injector to be made to effect removal.

6) A P Autodiagnostics Ltd staff do not reassemble any injectors on site, this is a safety matter for both persons and property and is mandatory. (A minute spec of dirt is enough to lock the injector open and can destroy your engine in a fraction of a second, Again we have no control in the conditions we work in.)

7) Many techniques and tools used by our staff are commercially sensitive in nature and are to be kept secret as we have spent considerable time and money developing them. In order to keep these secrets we do not allow an audience at any point, whist we work and do not show our tooling  If this is not possible we will leave the site and the full cost of the works (even if incomplete or un-started) will be invoiced and full payment will still be deemed due. The signing of this form means work has started. also our attendance upon site deems work to have started.

8) Where A P Autodiagnostics staff are required to remove parts or strip, clean and rebuild the vehicle being worked upon we cannot accept any responsibility for works carried out prior to our commencing work. this includes any damaged, seized or broken pipes, bolts, clips or threads and any missing parts. poorly routed pipe work or cables. and also Unseen, unadvised or unknown damage outstanding etc. (it is also possible that the failure of other parts may stop us restarting the engine once works are complete ie for example failed fuel pumps, hand primers that work fine until the system is disturbed and air is introduced, may not bleed properly), wiring faults etc

9) As any telephone estimates given are blind, i.e. on an unseen vehicle, further works over and above that quoted at additional cost may be required once work has begun due to unknown or unseen problems either arising during work or being outstanding but previously unnoticed or not advised to us, this includes any heating or welding of or to the injector for previous removal attempts by other parties. heating and welding makes milling more difficult and time consuming as we may have to remove additional items or cut off welded on parts or weld itself before work continues. Welding / heating previously carried out on the part bring drilled can also cause cutting tools to shatter without warning. These will be charged in addition to the quoted cost and may in addition include any cost of damage to our other equipment.

10) Many high pressure Steel fuel pipes are recommended by the manufacturer to be single use items, Where these pipes are reused we cannot be held responsible for any leaks whether immediate or in the future. plastic return pipes and seals can also fail when removed / reused, again we cannot be held responsible for any future leaks or any pipe seals that will not reseal / refit correctly during the reassembly or fail shortly after especially where these pipes are quick release by design, seals can wear, swell up, have minor cuts and nicks is them, without being noticed which is not our fault or necessarily caused by us.

11) Although A P Autodiagnostics Ltd Staff will endeavor to the best of their ability remove any seized injector or glow plug this service is not 100% guaranteed and there is a risk of failure and or damage (although this is extremely rare) full payment will still be due regardless of the cause of the failure or damage's cause.

12) In conclusion You are signing this contract of works to say that You the customer or You as the customers authorized representative have fully read and that you understand and agree to all of these risks and covering all the above you the customer or authorised customers representative also herby agree to all the above terms and conditions, and that you will not hold A P Autodiagnostics Ltd responsible for any of the above. And also that you agree that full payment will be due and will be made upon completion of the work as agreed despite any of the above risks, conditions and any consequences.

In relation to data protection rules of 25/05/18, By signing below you give A P Autodiagnostics Ltd permission to hold your personal details or any other details given on file either paper or electronic and to use said details for contacting you in relation to your vehicle, or any warranty's given, this information is held securely and will only be used by us and is never passed or sold to anyone else (unless commanded by legal process). This includes any future owners of any vehicles whose registration number is given below.


We pride ourselves upon our levels of success and are always striving to improve the quality and success rate of our work, We are constantly developing new tooling and improving old designs. We also manufacture tools for our own use, where they are not currently available to purchase or where we believe they are not up to the requirements of job they are intended for and as such do not show or demonstrate these tools to anyone at any time.

Nothing Contained herein shall affect the statutory rights of a consumer.

Copyright A P Autodiagnostics Ltd 09/2019