Motor Trade

Worried about increasing costs?
As a Motor Trader you'll have bills coming out of your ears, what with the rent, lease or mortgage payments, wages, holiday pay, sick pay, tax bills, VAT, insurances etc. etc. etc.
  • Consider the cost of purchasing the latest fault finding tools,
  • Consider just how often you use them,
  • Consider the cost of expensive training courses for your staff (and the cost of travel, accomodation and lost profit while they are away)
  • Consider the cost if they then leave and take their expertise elsewhere (or start up on their own in direct competition)


AP Autodiagnostics can save you all that hassle and expense. You only pay us when you need us and we pay for the tools, the updates, the training, the time to attend courses and we worry about retaining our staff !!
By keeping all your work in-house, using our on-site service, without the added expense of sending work to a main dealer, you can keep your customers happy by keeping their bills lower.
Are your customers common rail injectors seized in place?
Let us help you solve the problem. We have a full range of  Hydraulic Injector Removal Kits, the most effective way of removing siezed injectors.
You can hire our kit and a trained operator to use it from us, saving your customer excessive expense and time.
Renting the equipment and expertise from us is far more cost effective than removing/replacing a cylinder head, replacing the gaskets and the cost of the additional labour required.
Keep the job in house, keep the costs low and in these credit crunch times, keep your customers happy.