Air Conditioning Repair / Re-gas

We have the facilities to Repair or Re-gas your Air Conditioning System

Our system does a diagnostic check (on R134a Systems) and prints a report on the health of your Air Conditioning system giving a true before and after report so you both know and can see whats been done.

Utilizing the latest in Bi Gas machines we have the capabilities to repair or re-gas both R134a and R1234yf Air Conditioning Systems and coupled with our other skills can carry out this service 

on Hybrid and Electric vehicles as well.

Due to the high cost of the "New" R1234yf gas many garages do not stock this gas, meaning difficulty in getting your system serviced or repaired.

A P Autodiagnostics Ltd Stock both R1234yf and R134a

In addition we also have the latest in AC pipe repair equipment meaning that we can usually repair leaking pipes rather than having to fit a highly expensive replacement