Customer Comments

Here are some of the comments made by our very happy customers whose injectors we have successfully removed.

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Came out to fix my vivaro today really pleased knew exactly what they where doing/talking about brilliant advice could not recommend enough! Van is running as it should all lights out Thanks fellas

AP auto diagnostics came to my house and removed a snapped injector from my Reanualt trafic in the time it took me to make him a coffee! Fantastic service, highly recommend
Simon Ea
 · March 2, 2017
 AP came to fix my Vivaro in Whitby, no BS sales tactics, no unnecessary work undertaken and good advice. This is what you / I need. 
I am very pleased with the quality of the work from a top bloke. Thanks very much highly recommended.

Ian Hodgkinson
 These guys are awesome, asked round at numerous local garages & was told removing the injectors was too big a job or not in their skill set , no problems at all , quick , reasonable price and all done at my home

Hi Tony & Ben for sorting my injectors out on my Renault trafic such Quick job Well Done Thank you both again From John In Stockport i will Gladly leave you a very good feedback.Cheers John.

Paul Vincent Thompson just wanna say thank you to Tony for saving my Vivaro van, The injector seal had blown and cut a groove into the injector seat at least 5mm deep and this stopped the injector from sealing, 
i went around a few local garages, all told me the van needed a new cylinder head or even engine, I was very upset at the news as i just didn't have the funds. i spoke to Tony, he told me to get the van up to him as 
he had an idea how to solve the problem, Tony designed and manufactured a copper washer to fit the injector seat and solve the problem, I'm very grateful as i was going to scrap my van, now its back and running 
better than ever...Thank you Tony so much.

Hi Tony
Just thought I would drop you a quick line to thank you for your services yesterday.  Great job and done very professionally.  a credit to your company.
Many thanks

---- On Tue, 23 Aug 2016 14:59:03 +0100
Hi Tony
I can't thank apautodiagnostics enough for their help after I broke in my glow plug,after contacting them took my car to them the next day the first attempt failed and the second third attempt also failed the chap then went into his workshop and made a tool and then the little bliter came out all the time he was very calm and professional about his work the patience of a saint for me after several attempts and hours later it was free and in his hand but the price was the same as if it came out first time ,i can't recommend this company enough WELL DONE and Thanks again.
Neil. From. Barnsley 

Sent from my iPad 16/09/15
Thanks for the great job fixing my van, excellent service, I thoroughly recommend AP Autodiagnostics ltd Top job.

  • Thanks for a Great job done for me on one of my customers Vans. Came... to Goole and sorted 2 seized injectors on a Renault Trafic. I will recommend you to anyone with seized injector issues without doubt!! See More

    Rob Nicholson posted on AP Autodiagnostics ltd's timeline
    Rob Nicholson
    March 5 at 6:31am
    I'd like to say a big thank you to AP Autodiagnostics for fixing my '57 Renault Traffic van, reasonably priced, excellent service, perfectly structured invoice showing what I've exactly paid for. . .
    Cracking job guys! 
    Rob Nicholson. . Blyth .. .Northumberland
    Dave Hunt
    December 8 at 11:11pm
      Dave Hunt
    Thanks for a Great job done for me on one of my customers Vans. Came to Goole and sorted 2 seized injectors on a Renault Trafic. I will recommend you to anyone with seized injector issues without doubt!!
    Marty Hutton posted on AP Autodiagnostics ltd's timeline
    "just had my van sorted by these guys 
    brilliant service 
    really no what there doing 
    thanks again guys"

    S A Walker Electrical Services posted on AP Autodiagnostics ltd's timeline
    "Fantastic service all the equipment to make sure it goes as smoothly as it can. In the nicest possible way I hope not to see you again but know where to call if it happens again.
    No hesitation in recommending at all.

     1 week ago

    THEREALNAPSTER1000 1 week ago

    Just had Tony and Ben from AP come out to mill one of my injectors out and sort out the snapped injector clamp bolt, nice guys got the job done and would recomend them to anyone with same issues and will be using them again because i'm in the motor trade will be getting a few more in the future common issue Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 cdti M9R engine. Great job guys just finished putting it all back together tonight with new bosch injector.

    Happy customer feedback by text

    Hi Tony

    You are a legend, very very happy with your work and will recommend you to all

    Thanks Darren 


    Ps the 70mph speed limiter you activated went down like a lead balloon with our staff.....He He He !!

    Hi Tony


    Just a quick note to say thanks for the injector removal, painless and efficient. You say exactly what you do and get the job done.

    I very rarely recommend services but will pass your details to others.

    Post on your web site if you like happy to say the best at what you do and the doubters should try you out.



    Barry Hutchinson

    Managing Director

    First in Service Ltd 

    And Feedback From our E-Bay Customers
    Positive feedback rating           Mobile Seized Vauxhall Vivaro Injector Removal Service (#180666949699)          A++++++ ebayer absolute top bloke got it out even tho the injector snapped 3 x View Item Mobile Seized Vauxhall Vivaro Injector Removal Service         07-Jun-11 23:53
    Positive feedback rating Mobile Seized Vauxhall Vivaro Injector Removal Service (#180666949699) View Item Mobile Seized Vauxhall Vivaro Injector Removal Service
    A++++++ ebayer absolute top bloke got it out even tho the injector snapped 3 x 07-Jun-11 23:52
    Positive feedback rating Mobile Seized Vauxhall Vivaro Injector Removal Service (#180666949699) View Item Mobile Seized Vauxhall Vivaro Injector Removal Service
    100% service many thank's good luck in future 20-May-11 20:29
    Positive feedback rating Mobile Seized Vauxhall Vivaro Injector Removal Service (#180666949699) View Item Mobile Seized Vauxhall Vivaro Injector Removal Service
    quite unbeliveable<a one star> tottaly genuine,all four injectors out, 14-Feb-11 13:44
    Positive feedback rating Mobile Seized Common Rail Injector Removal Service (#180621566996)
    very happy with work, many thanks, A+++ bloke

    View Item Mobile Seized Citroen C8 Injector Removal Service              

    Positive feedback rating

                 Mobile Seized Common Rail Injector Removal Service (#180607239748)                    excellent service provided, saved me a lot of time and funds

    Member ID hectorbentley ( Feedback score of 18Yellow star icon for Feedback score between 10 to 49) View Item Mobile Seized peugeot 807 Injector Removal Service                24-Jun-10 18:59


    Positive feedback rating
               SEIZED INJECTOR REMOVAL SERVICE FOR BOSCH & PIEZO (#250720738804)                       Member ID andree27-31-05 ( Feedback score of 134Teal star icon for Feedback score between 100 to 499                                              09-Dec-10 13:48
                           Nice work... Thank you !
    Dear apautodiagnostics,

    you are the man tony never met any one with that kind of knowledge who also shows that much patience you are a true pro in every sense of the word
    and everyone should be aware of this thanx and kind regards jon sheffield

    - tidyone7
    And Comments from our non E-Bay Customers

    Read these pages and take note, i'm another idiot who took the cheap quote !! - repaired to the highest standard by A P Autodiagnostics - highly recommended again - Gerald, renault trafic  - essex

     Why oh Why didn't i read this first, these guys saved my bacon and my holidays repaired the day before we sailed to france - thankyou thankyou thankyou can't recommend you enough - Ronald - nissan primastar camper - north yorkshire

    A P Autodiagnostics dug us out of the mire again than you . Sarah . Lomdon

    Had to wait but it was worth it, my garage said I needed a new engine but A P Autodiagnostics saved the day and my engine, John, Poole Dorset

    Excellent service Tony really does go the extra mile for his customers, Mark , Isle of Wight

    This guy goes the extra mile for his customer, I live on jersey and was amazed when he actually came over to do the job, excellent service, Tony Renault Traffic, Channel Islands
    Unreal this guy could pull excaliber from the stone absolutely brilliant and highly recomended, Tony, Vauxhall Vivaro, Hartlepool 
    I aslo took the cheap quote, which ended up very expensive, I should have read this first - you saved the day and our engine, Thankyou - David - Stockton on tees
    We shopped around and you kept coming up as highly recomended - Need we say more - Joanne - North Yorkshire - Renault Trafic
    We took the cheap quote and got an ex taxi driver but you sorted us out - John - West Yorkshire - Vivaro
    I'm The mug that took the cheap quote, it turned out to be very expensive, never again, but you saved my Engine - David - Coventry - Vauxhall Vivaro
    ******** ******* *** snapped my injectors but you saved the day i'll never use the cheapest guy again!! - Joe - Chepstow - Nissan Primastar
    Outstanding Service you get what you pay for in this world - Gerry - winsford - Chrysler
    Excellent Service - tony - Durham - Suzuki Vitara
    Worth his weight in gold, excellent service - John - London - Nissan Primastar
    You are a star - Sam - Renault Trafic - Boston Lincs
    Worth Every Penny - Tony - Nissan Primastar - Northampton
    You get what you pay for and this guy is worth every penny - Mike - liverpool - Vauxhall Vivaro
    Unbelivable excellent - Steve - Vauxhall insignia - scarborough
    Excellent service - rob - Vauxhall Vivaro - liverpool
    perfect once again - Andy - gloucester - renault traffic
    This guy is a miracle worker - John - harlow - Nissan primastar
    Wonderful - David - Redcar - Vauxhall Vivaro
    An absolute miracle worker - Patrick- Northern Ireland - Renault Traffic 
    You are a Diamond - Dimos - London - Renault Traffic
    You're an Angel sent from Heaven - Sam - London - Renault Traffic
     Fantastic Service - Steve - Wiltshire - Vauxhall Vivaro
    Very impressed - Harold - Bury - Citroen C8
    Extremely happy - John - Hemel Hempstead - Fiat Ulysee
    On time and on the Ball - Jeff - Hull - Renault Traffic
    Ecstatic - Dave - leeds - Vauxhaull Vivaro
    Very Very Profesional - Jason - Doncaster - Nissan Primastar
    Prompt, Profesional and Proficient - Graham - North Yorkshire - Vauxhaull Corsa
    Perfect - Rodney - Landrover freelander TD4 - West Yorkshire
    The "Red-Adare" of the injector removal world, thank you very very much - Paul - County Durham - Renault Traffic
    Excellent cross channel Service - Michelle - Wimeroux France - Renault traffic
    What can I say - he is the man with his very special bit of kit. Simply brilliant service, this guy is a credit to the aftermarket, full stop. - Liam - Leicester - Citroen C8
    Perfect - Jeff - Stokesley - Vauxhall corsa
    I just don't belive it, Excellent - Wayne - Tyneside - Nissan Primastar
    Back again and just as good - Martin - Gloucester - Vauxhall Vivaro
    Bloody Brilliant - Derek - Redcar - Renault traffic 
    Exellant'e - Marcello  - humbeside - Fiat Ulysee
    Brilliant Service - John - south wales - Citroen C8
    Magic - Chris - silverstone - Renault traffic
    Supeman is here - Kevin - leeds- vauxhall vivaro
    Toatally Unreal - Liam - stockton on tees -  Fiat scudo
    You made it look so easy - Jonathan - Darlington - Vauxhall Corsa
    3 months off the road sorted in 30 minutes - Jane - Newcastle - fiat ulysee
    You are the man - Dale - Hull - Freelander TD4 
    Unbelivable service - shane - gloucester - nissan primastar
    Once again you have performed miracles - John - leeds - Vauxhall Vvaro
    Absolutely Brilliant - Ian - Yorkshire Dales - Renault Traffic
    This company works miracles !! highly recomended - Peter - birmingham - Vauxhaul Vivaro
    Blooming Marvelous - Asam - Luton - Fiat Scudo
    Could not have asked for more, brilliant - Dave - County Durham - Renault traffic
    The Magician arrived and his act was perfect - leigh - south wales - nissan primastar 
    We would never have got them out without you - Brian - Manchester - Citroen C4
    Exccelent service - Suzanne - West Yorkshire Car Dealership - Peugeot 807
    You still got it out even when it broke 3 times top bloke - Mike - Derbyshire - Vivaro
    Our vehicle will live again, thankyou - Michelle - Cleveland - Renault van
    Very Very happy man, thanks - Andrew - Yorkshire - Fiat ulysee
    I'm glad i called you, brilliant service - June - midlands - citroen C8 
    Unbelivable!! one excellent service - David - sussex - Peugeot 807
    I just can't beleive how tight they were - Sara - Oxfordshire - Suzuki vitara
    Miracles do happen, we spent 16hrs trying to get them out without success - Anthony - Dorset - Renault van
    You are the man !!! - Steve - Manchester - nissan primastar
    How the hell do they get that tight, you are a miracle worker - fraser - midlamds - Vivaro van
    First class service you will be back -  Larry -  Yorkshire -  Citroen C4
    Unbeliveable i've spent weeks trying to get them out and you did two in an hour - Brian - south coast - Citroen C8
    Mega service will definately use you again - John - Scotland - Vivaro van
    Brilliant, fantastic, excellent, my cars been off the road for months, now we can fix it - Alex - Scotland - Alfa GT
    Bloody Brilliant exceelent over the moon- Gary - South Wales - freelander TD4
    Absolutely excellent, efficent, profesional and fast - Ben - Essex - Vivaro van
    Unbelivable excellent job - Paul - Birmingham - citroen C8
    Thanks alot excellent service - Darren - birmingham - fiat Ulysee
    Excellent service - Toby - North Yorkshire - Honda Accord
    A1 service - Keith - South Yorkshire - Vivaro van
    you saved my life and 2 grand for a second hand engine - steve - Tyne and Wear - Fiat Scudo
    Wouldn't have beleived it if i didn;t see it with my own eyes, excellent - Vincent - London - Citroen C8
    Excellent, unbelievable service - John - West Midlands - Vivaro van
    brilliant - Tony - North Yorkshire - LDV Maxus
    1st class service - Richard - East Yorkshire - Vivaro Van
    Flamming Brilliant, bloody marvelous - Trevor - Tyne and Wear - Citroen C8
    Marvelous - Andy - North Yorkshire - Vivaro van
    Thanks again for your excellent service - Tony - Berkshire - Peugeot 807
    Speachless, I Tried and Tried but you made it look easy - Nigel - Hampshire - Citroen C8
    Highly recomended - Peter - Sussex - Citroen C8
    You came Recommended now i know why - David - Lancashire - Renault traffic
    Excellent Service - Mark - Lancashire - Citroen C8
    Brilliant, Highly Recommended - Kevin - Teeside- Ssangyong
    I'll tell my mates about you, brilliant - Gavin - South Yorkshire
    Your the fourth guy to look at this, they spent hours and hours, it took you just two - Dannielle - Sussex - Citroen C8
    Excellent - Paul - Warwickshire - Citroen C8
    I couldn't win but you did - Peter - Warwickshire - Ford Transit
    We tried the rest and you're the best you'll be back - Pete - Bristol - Peugeot 807
    wow - tom - lancashire - Vivaro van
    Frighteningly good - Philip - Tyne and Wear - Citroen C8
    We'll use you again, excellent - Michael - South Yorkshire - Peugeot 807
    What were my guys playing at you made it look so easy - Stuart - Lancashire - Corsa dt
    Quality service - Peter - North Yorkshire - Vivaro van

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